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Full Name: Orchid E. Shinin

Age: 18 (senior)

Nickname: Ere

Family: Mom lives in the states and her hunter father; who was friends with Cross, is Missing.

Friends: (eventually: Kaname & Senri) (and Yagari Thanks to detention)

History: She is afraid of most human males as she believes them to all be hormone driven, lying, conniving horndogs who think with their dicks. She hates that she cannot seem to trust what they say anymore but she has done so and every time they beat her and or broke her heart after, she is not really sure how she can even still talk to guys at all and before Hanabusa, Senri and Yagari she couldn't. But None of them are Human so thats why... right?
    She has severe cancer in her lungs caused by years of her mother and stepfather smoking but refuses radiation treatment because it scares her. He father is a hunter her mother is human and completely clueless to just about everything. 
    Her father saved her from hell about a year ago after he received a panicked phone call from Ere that he could barely understand, only to hear the phone knocked away a man yelling and ended with what sounded like someone raping his daughter. He Flew over that night arriving by morning and demanded his they sign her over, bringing her to the hospital to get proof and file a lawsuit.
    Angelous (her father) brought her home to Japan and got her into therapy, while training her in self defence just in case someone ever tried to hurt her again, it was during that time that he found out she could sense vampires and how she wants to be one someday so she can make the pain go away. When asked what she was talking about she told him about the cancer she had been diagnosed with a few years back and how she wanted help, for the pain to go away but that she was afraid of hospitals. 
   He left her with Cross during the day he had to work after that and her and Zero formed a rapid and ever growing hatred of each other because she wants to be a vampire and he hates her for it. Until one day her father just never came to get her, that was a few months ago. Her gut tells her that he is not coming back. 


(Before) 5'0", 120Lbs, Medium brown hair often worn down or in a low ponytail, gray blue eyes that look dead, scared or in pain most of the time but with the help of yagari & her vampire friends slowly begin to regain the spark of life and hope. Pale skin and a few freckles and some scars from her stepfathers belt on her back and chest.

(After the Treatment starts) Bald, 5'0", 115 Lbs and dropping, her eyes start to look like their old sky blue bright and hopeful. She has friends who will help her, people she can trust to be there for her. She still daydreams about being a vampire and not having to deal with the treatments anymore. The scars become irritated and bother due to the radiation. The doctors do not expect her to be able to pull through but admire her hopefulness not having any clue that its not that she thinks that she'll pull through it but that the odds of being able to convince senri (who talked her into going) or Kaname (who is the one paying for it) 

Personality: (PTSD & ANXIETY WARNING) Tomboy, kinda sadistic at times but we all have our days and no one come out of a situation like hers untainted, can be skittish at times due to a history of abuse from her asswipe of a stepdad & recently missing ex-boyfriend. She loves to wander at night despite the rules frequently landing her in detention with her favorite teacher. Loves to skip class during the day to watch the clouds or to sneak into the moon dorms and chill with them. Senri helps her with her anxiety of guys and is her best friend and go to guy for emotional issues, he is good at keeping others away when she is having attacks or hauling her out of flashbacks. She had bouts of depression over her Cancer but not to the truly suicidal level just kinda hopeless, a few weeks after telling him that she is dying eventually Senri convinces her to let yagari take her to the hospital for treatment going with her most days.

Fangirl of which night class student?: Ere is a tomboy human who can sense Vampires, and kinda dreams of being one. And is offended at being lumped into a category with those Rabid Heathens (translation she likes several but not enough to fight over a spot to see them or to steal things like most of the other nutjobs out there)

Likes: Skipping class to watch the stars, or sneak into the moon dorms to talk to her Vampire friends.

Dislikes: Prejudice people, Violent people, People who threaten her friends. Hospitals, Human males. Aggressive fangirls. Zero (he's too violent). Yuki (Jealousy)

Love Interest?: Kaname & Yagari (Senri is just her bestest best friend, she knows he loves someone else and is happy for them.)

Honestly I have No idea who she ends up with! I need a rp buddy to figure this new character out.

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  • Playing: SIMS 3
  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: mtn dew


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