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Hey, it's my birthday on the 10th of Jan and I was wondering if anyone would do my Kids as Transformers and as Gargoyles. (with my son's on the 23rd) obvously the histories, abilities & backgrounds for them are from stories I have told for them.

Please Do not put a bot/con symbol on them please, Sun is neutral and Sky is a direct descendant of Primus and is to be the new King when he is of age.

Suncatcher - Female, young child with blue eyes and yellow/gold "hair" pink/lavender and peacock like colors, must have wings reminiscent of Swallowtail Butterfly wings and something that looks like a tiara. Suncatcher's father is Richard B Riddick as that is one of her Idols, aside form Rapunzel and Elsa. Sun can manipulate storms.

Skyfire - Male, demi-god toddler, with red hair and amber eyes, greens/blues/reds, he is obsessed with Spiderman, Penguins and rocket ships. He wants to be a Pink Rocket-ship Doctor when he grows up. Skyfire is the son of a Gargoyle God/Primus, he does not have the same father as his sister. Sky can calm/heal/unify and create life-forces around him, he can also see souls and the bonds between people as if they were tangible.
Name: Hunter Leon
Age: 17 years
Magic: Shadow, Ice infusion, Dark Aura
Shadow Manipulation - dark sense, consume shadows, Bask in Darkness, shadow possession, shadow restraints.
Intermediate: Shadow Make - Animal small, Animal med, Dark Javelin, Heir of Darkness
Advanced: Shadow Manipulation - Shadow walk, Black Ice, Dark Frost, Frostbite, Ultimate Black Ice Javelin.
Aura Magic: Wings of the Dark King, Aura of the Dark King: Call to the Darkness Within, King of Darkness: Ultimate Possession, Aura of Death: Soul Reaper Scythe, Aura of Death: Eternal Resting, Aura of the shadow demon: Darkness Scale Shield, Aura of Shadow Dragon: Dragon of the darkness Flame, Aura Combine: Death and Shadow Dragon! Make Death Dragon: Amaterasu's Flame, Cannibalism.
Family: (Soul) Erebus King of Darkness, (brother) Tempus, (Ancestors) Natsu Dragneel & Lucy.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Team: Soul Carnival - Gajeel Redfox, Grey Fullbuster, Juvia, Levy,
Hunter is with both Grey & Gajeel
Grey is with Hunter & Juvia
Gajeel is with Hunter & Levy.
History: (summery) Hunter is from Magnolia, 200 years in the future where a twisted and corrupted version of magic rules, Hunter is sent to the past by his time mage little brother; who has defected to the enemy, so that they don't have to kill each other. He wakes up in past magnolia city and nearly lands on Lucy nearly dead, passing out.

Hunter looked around the dark ravaged land, the enemy was drawing closer and he was nearly spent. Pressing himself deeper into the rubble he did his best to look like he was just another body, just another casualty in the Hanging Tree guilds ravaging of this once peaceful. He had once called this place home, Magnolia a peaceful town full of mages of all kinds the last home of what was once a powerful guild of non-dark mages.

They had been the last ones to stand up against the dark alliance, but one by one they were killed of overcome by the darkness and converted. He had fought to protect his few remaining friends and his family he fought hard, but still failed to keep them safe and one by one around him they fell. All he had now was himself and his brother Tempus, who was converted before his very eyes. Tempus was hunting him now, trying to kill his own brother just because they said so and hunter just could not bring himself to kill his baby brother even if he was a traitor.

"There you are, hiding like the cockroach you are brother." He sneared as he hauled Hunter from the rubble, "This ends now." Tempus slammed his hand onto his brothers chest and a white clock appeared "Time Slip Vortex: Ancestral Regression!" The world swirled around into darkness but not before Hunter heard something heartbreaking...

 'Dear brother, I made this spell just for this day. I cannot kill you, no will not. Not even for them, so i have sent you into the past with hope that you can change the past and provide a better future. Do not look for me, do not try and come home this future is lost and the price for hope is a life.'

Hunter landed painfully on what felt like cobblestone, a high pitched voice screaming nearby made pain ripple through his body as the last of his energy escaped him and he slept.
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Hanabusa And Orchid: Physical Training by TwinWolfSister
Hanabusa And Orchid: Physical Training
Hanabusa is training Orchid in self defense, she managed to pin him for the first time and he was caught by surprise that she actually managed it finally. My fan-character Orchid Shinin.
Line art is not mine, I only colored it n Gimp.


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